About the Island of Taha'a

Taha'a Island Taha'a Island Taha'a Island Taha'a Island Taha'a Island Taha'a Island Taha'a Island

The island of Taha'a, formerly called Uporu, is located in the Society Islands and shares the same lagoon as the island of Raiatea. Raiatea played a major role in Polynesian migrations throughout the Pacific Ocean and is still an important historical and cultural center, witness of well-alive civilization and traditions.

Taha'a is symbolically called the Vanilla Island. It is on these fertile lands that the Tahitian vanilla is cultivated to become one of the best and most fragrant one, sought after by the best Chefs around the world. Tahitian pearls are also produced in Taha'a. A few pearl farms have found their shelter in the island's pure waters.

A sojourn in Taha'a is an experience out of the ordinary. The island is blessed with lush mountains and valleys, turquoise lagoons, virgin "motu" islets. Taha'a has it all! The Vanilla Island has kept this Polynesian flair, and its inhabitants share a way of life that has remained truly authentic, away from busy Tahiti… Fishing, vanilla, pearl farms, agriculture and tourism are part of their daily lives. There is something magical and poetic about Taha'a, and it just seems like time has stopped, allowing each and everyone to enjoy this land of beauty at their own pace.

Travelling to the Island of Taha'a