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Te Purotu, The Ultimate One

The Tahitian islands are the epitome of romance. Seize the occasion to seal your love the Polynesian way !

The ceremony will take place on the resort’s private ‘motu’ islet, surrounded by crystal-clear waters, offering a magnificent view of Bora Bora in the distance.

Dressed in a pareo with flower leis and heis, you will be transferred by outrigger canoe from your suite to the ‘motu’. (You are welcome to wear your own clothes). Tahitian songs and dances will greet you and the Master of Ceremony will proceed with the whole Polynesian blessing.

In the local traditions, the bride and groom receive a Tahitian name as symbol of their union. The ‘tifafai’ (Tahitian quilt) wrapped around the happily married couple will seal the ceremony.

You will enjoy a tropical cocktail and the Chef’s treats as the dance troupe performs a traditionnal show.

Duration of the ceremony: 45 minutes
Location: On a “motu”

* Ceremony on a private ‘motu’ islet
* Flower decoration on the beach
* Polynesian Master of Ceremony
* Musicians and dancers
* Souvenir wedding certificate
* 2 flower heis and leis
* 2 ‘pareu’
* 1 cocktail and nibbles to share
* Floral decoration in room with split of champagne and Chef’s treats  

1530 Euros (182 500 xpf) - Taxes Included  

Validity: April 1st, 2019 to March 31st, 2020 
Ceremonies Rates are per couple
Pictures on this document are non-contractual
Reservations are required a minimum of 48 hours in advance
All outdoor ceremonies are subject to weather conditions and can be relocated if needed
Taxes and rates are subject to amendment without prior notice
Cancellations shall be received at least 24 hours before the scheduled ceremony or full rate will be charged

For more information:
Phone: +68940608426
Te Purotu, The Ultimate One
Le Taha'a by Pearl Resorts

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