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Vogue - 13 of the most isolated hotels in the world

Article repost from Vogue
Article by Samantha Ledlin
December 24, 2018

13 of the most isolated hotels in the world

Some travellers are looking for destinations that fall slightly off the beaten track—a call to leave the main cities behind in search of a private oasis residing somewhere in the hidden corners of the earth. The less people there, the better. Most of these hotels are so remote they require a seaplane, speedboat, private yacht or helicopter to access them. From romantic honeymoon destinations, to self-meditative travelling experiences, scroll through the gallery below for a peek into some of the world's most remote hotels.

4. Le Taha’a Island Resort, French Polynesia
A short helicopter ride from Bora Bora will lead you to Le Taha’a Island Resort—a tropical destination housing several overwater beach villas. The island is filled with fragrant vanilla flowers, lush mountains and valleys and turquoise lagoons that you can canoe through.

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Vogue - 13 of the most isolated hotels in the world
Le Taha'a by Pearl Resorts

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