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Luxury Travel - The Secret Islands of Tahiti You Need to Visit

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Article by Madelin Tomelty
June, 2019

The Secret Islands of Tahiti You Need to Visit

We know you love Bora Bora, and so do we. But next time you visit The Islands of Tahiti why not venture further afield? After all, there are 117 other islands just waiting to be explored! Here’s four of our favourites to get you started.

Admit it ­– Someone says “Tahiti” and you find yourself lost in images of overwater bungalows and turquoise water ­– ­images of Bora Bora that have probably been popping up on your social feeds for years. We don’t blame you – Bora Bora teeter-totters on the precipice of paradise, and it’s an island that is known around the world as a place everyone should get to see at least once in their life. But consider this: The Islands of Tahiti are made up of no less than 118 islands, and Bora Bora is just one of them. Mind sufficiently blown? The Islands of Tahiti are incredibly diverse, and because we know you love exploring new places – especially those that have yet to be infiltrated by the masses – let us introduce you to the lesser-travelled Tahiti and those islands that fly under the radar, year in, year out. Just your cup of tea, we reckon.



If you’re after true peace and quiet, Taha’a is the place for you, because where Huahine gives you a taste of local life, Taha’a serves up a full degustation. Here you’ll find the authentic Tahitian island experience set to the backdrop of undulating mountains and bright, white-sand beaches. Not to mention, the whole island has the faint aroma of a gourmet bakery or an expensive day spa thanks to the unique vanilla farms found across the island, adding to an ambience that feels closer to a dream than reality. Also, the island is shaped like a flower, so if you have a drone or are one for aerial photography, Taha’a will guarantee a visual feast.


* A slow-paced, authentic island life experience
* Sampling vanilla tahitensis, a unique and precious vanilla that tastes like how paradise feels White sand beaches
* The private motus (tiny islands), that are close by and waiting to be explored Coral reefs
* The views of Raiatea, Bora-Bora and Huahine
* Swimming with graceful rays and sharks
* The open-air resort spas

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Luxury Travel - The Secret Islands of Tahiti You Need to Visit
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