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Motu Lunch

After a short outrigger ride from the resort’s beach, drift into a world of culture and traditions as your Tahitian hosts initiate you to the art of opening and grating a coconut. You will also learn how to extract the milk to prepare Tahitian renowned ‘poisson cru’. You will be treated to a delicious lunch of grilled fish, seafood, meat, ending on sweet note with fresh tropical fruits. Your Robinson Crusoe experience Le Taha’a way, surrounded by crystalline waters.

* Lunch for 2
* A bottle of French wine (choice of red or white wine)
* A bottle of still or sparkling water
* Coconut demonstration
* Live Tahitian music and songs

331 Euros (39 500 xpf) – Taxes included

Phone: +68940608426
Motu Lunch
Le Taha'a by Pearl Resorts

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Our resort is open! For the conditions to prepare your stay in French Polynesia, please visit Tahiti Tourism website.