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Maruapo Massage


Soothe your body after sun exposure and discover the rejuvenating and healing properties of virgin coconut and tamanu oils.

The Tamanu Oil

Treat yourself with this unique 100% polynesian product and bring with you all the flavor and benefits of Polynesian nature. It is the perfect souvenir, apply it on your skin to feel its millenary and curative properties.

Tamanu, the local term is “Atì”, one of the most sacred tree in French Polynesia. Have a look in the gardens of Le Taha’a Resort to find this majestic tree, depending on the period of the year you will notice the fruit, a green ball, 1 inch in diameter, seen frequently in clusters. The oil is obtained by mechanical cold extraction and is totally organic as no pesticides are used in Polynesia to treat these strong trees.

Tamanu Benefits:
- Stimulates production of new skin tissue
- Reduces Sun burns
- Reduces insect bites
- Nourishes the skin
- Reduces muscles and joints pain
- Anti-aging antioxidant properties
- Anti-inflammatory properties

Maruapo Massage
Le Taha'a by Pearl Resorts

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